Friday, 20 July 2012


An enterprise like ours, of course, needs a logo (and T-shirt) And while very premature, here is my first droodle:

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Well, not really testing, because I blindly trust my Проявитель, but today we had also two Фед with us, the fifties 2 and the seventies 4 and of course were nòt disappointed: the Fed will go to Siberia, that's for sure!

And I think the little Чаика is also a candidate: half frame, so around 70 pictures (the digitalics have nó idea what the hell I'm talking about) and rather nice quality.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Oooooh - very nice lens, this 65mm Мир-3.
Probably 1974, on my 1972 Revue6.6 (Салют).
The whole combination is 100 gr. lighter than the Hass/Dist combination, but still very weighty, alas... Not for Siberian walks.

On Jan 1990 Orwo NP22; the blue pic is cropped, left is the whole neg.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

About the FED4

First of all, I really like this camera! The transport movement is really very smooth, and the soft clack the shutter makes when released, is very unobstructive. Focussing the lens is not completely smooth, but accurate. The weight is no problem, but the small shoulder strap makes it a bit uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Loading film, for me, is no problem but since the back is not attached to the body and the take-up spool has to be removed to attach the film to it, it is a bit clumsy. Rewinding the film takes a long time. Because there is no crank but a turnwheel, one needs about a hundred turns before the film is rewinded.

But before one can start rewinding, the sprocket wheel needs to be released. The ring for that around the shutter knob has to be pressed and turned, and for that the transport handle and framecounter are in the way. With a bit of practice however, it becomes easier over time.

One thing that needs modification is the fact that the ring to set the dioptr to get the rangefinder image sharp, has sharp ribs and that does damage your glasses when looking through the viewfinder. A metal file (?) will do the job I suppose. And another thing, after loading a new film, I managed to misplace the camera back without noticing it. This gave a tiny light leak right above the exposed film. Nothing to serious luckily, but something to remember next time!

The Selenium metering cell seems to work fine, but I need to test this more carefully. For Negative film, it is good enough I guess.
While photographing, I kept thinking, I want a wide angle lens, but now, after seeing the results of the 53mm industar, I am not so sure anymore. This lens has it own attraction.
All images below were taken last week in Trier, one of the oldest cities in Germany.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Чёрная ворота

De porta nigra is waarschijnlijkst het meest bekende Romeinse overblijfsel van de stad Trier.

Dit is een lage resolutie scan en de scanner denkt weer eens dat het een kleurenfilm is, anders kan Picasa de scan niet importeren, maar het is toch echt kodak tri-x in de FED4. Maar sepia past wonderwel bij deze compositie. Meer over de FED4 volgt dit weekend in een andere post, maar ik wilde deze foto vast even delen. In de eerste post over de FED4 liet ik al zien dat de camera werkte, nu laat ik zien dat er ook mooie foto's uit kunnen komen. Ik stel me de houten huisjes in Listvjanka al voor....

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Андрэ Кауперс

Okay - André is veilig in Rusland terechtgekomen. Nou wij nog...